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The Ask Cardiff website enables users to access a wealth of information about consultation and community engagement that takes place in Cardiff. Residents of Cardiff can participate in consultation, view information and feedback about previous consultations, or simply access key facts and statistics about Cardiff and Wales. The website is carrying a lot of material, including a breakdown of the data that came out of the 2011 Census.

Cathays ward information is available here, including key 2011 Census Statistics.

As part of work to support Neighbourhood Management arrangements in Cardiff a series of quarterly Neighbourhood Intelligence Reports have been prepared for elected Members, Neighbourhood Management Teams and other partners.

They draw together the wide range of data and information that is available at a Neighbourhood Management level as well as trend analysis where appropriate.

Data in the reports includes:

• Demographic summary
• Crime & anti social behaviour
• Ask Cardiff resident survey findings
• Health • Fire and rescue
• PACT priorities
• Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)
• Schools data
• Looked after children
• Students
• Deprivation
• Worklessness
• Voids and tenancies
• Voluntary sector activities
• Communities First activities
• Neighbourhood Management Team activities
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