Cardiff's Lower Eastside

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Cardiff's 'Lower Eastside' is not a title that many would have heard, but it's a useful label for those complex of streets that lie (or 'lay' in some cases as many of them have disappeared now) between Queen Street, St David's 2 and the railways lines. In its day, it was home to almost 6,000 people.

Lower Eastside Old & New.jpg

Census Returns showed the following population figures for this area.

1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Census Totals 2,647 5,068 4,918 5,002 5,133 5,544 4,173 3,783

(Great) Frederick Street640556297537331517496548
Barrack Lane00000000
Bridge Street486399427497376638612270
Bute Terrace00241210213231212275
Charles Street59212212285310308244173
Churchill Way
David Street221388289299253256217152
Dumfries Place0640915114112082
East Street00109000079
East Terrace042193206142136142135
Ebenezer Street4262507559534511
Edward Place0004959626415
Edward Street00434511569576290259
Edward Terrace00046108124115100
Friends Place00178150164
Guildford Crescent000433803652
Guildford Street00185454802747
Little Bridge Street0171146237397659
Little Frederick Street021725018395018124
Little Union Street01711462373976534
Love Lane0262225281299278228184
Mary Ann Street344457418465502366193178
Millicent Street0631428372347424351251
Nelson Terrace694659105108930101
North Edward Street0003331343214
Paradise Place0425040440220
Pembroke Terrace0000128240091
Spittal Court
Stanley Street154444172184162133083
Station Terrace015710008339
Union Street531412532378439553397466
Wellington Terrace00558610910700
Whitmore Street0445000000
1880 old photos.jpg