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. Made in Cardiff: Portrait of a City

A local community project 'We Are Cardiff,' best known for its community centred blog produced a film about life in the city of Cardiff, with support from Cardiff University - published August 2013

The film aims to bring the lives of ordinary Cardiff people to life, while showing the alternative side that Cardiff has to offer.

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. Cathays - Inner City Boundaries

Film produced by students in the School of City & Regional Planning - uploaded on 5 Jul 2011

. Cardiff City Centre & Cathays - Boundaries

A student film exploring the boundaries between the city centre and Cathays in Cardiff - uploaded to YouTube in 2011

. Cathays2 - What's in a name

Film produced by students in the School of City & Regional Planning - uploaded on 5 Jul 2011

. Cathays3 - Litter and Waste

Film produced by students in the School of City & Regional Planning - uploaded on 5 Jul 2011

. One Night In Cardiff

Photographs taken in and around St Mary Street in Cardiff - uploaded to YouTube in 2006

. 24 hours on Caroline Street in 6 minutes

Footage shot over 20 hours on Caroline Street (Chippy Lane), Cardiff, on June 5th 2010 - The day of Wales v South Africa, 20:20 Cricket, Stereophonics and the EDL march 
- uploaded to YouTube on 30 Jun 2010

. Flash Mob - City Centre

Asian Society - Cardiff Metropolitan University - uploaded to YouTube in 2012

. The Guide to Studentville PARTS 1,2,3 - Welcome to Fanny Street

- uploaded to YouTube in 2012


. Louisa Maud Evans' family visit Cathays Cemetery for the first time

Fourteen-year-old Louisa Maud Evans was killed in a ballooning accident in Cardiff in 1896, and ascending in a balloon as part of the 1896 Cardiff Exhibition.

. Queen Street - Cardiff City - South Wales

Driving along a Pedestrianised Queen Street early on a Saturday morning (Easter Delivery - 23rd April 2011) before all the shops open and the road is closed to delivery vehicles for the day
- uploaded on 24 Apr 2011

. Cardiff City Centre and the Economic Downturn

A student film investigating the economic recession and it affects on Cardiff City Centre - uploaded on 16 Dec 2011


. Cardiff Buses - The City Centre - March 2010

. Airship flight over Cardiff city centre March 2011

Extract from 1 hr video by Mike Wilcock - who wrote 

The Goodyear Blimp was in Cardiff for a sports event and the airship was used by the TV company as a high camera position. Having been to the airport I was offered a flight along with two other
photographers from the Wester Mail. We flew at 53mph at 1500' above the Vale, over Culverhouse Cross, Faiwater, Canton, City Centre, Penarth, Sully, Barry and back to the landing pylon. This is a brief 
selection for rail enthusiasts highlighting the stations/track in Cardiff.

. Magical new 'toy town' video of Cardiff Central Station

The time-lapse 'tilt and shift effect' footage - shot by WalesOnline's talented videographer Mike Caluan - makes the capital's train station and rail sheds look like a magical miniature toy town - uploaded on 7 Dec 2011


The film was created using a stop-motion technique, using over 10,000 photos taken with a standard DSLR camera. The photos were individually processed to achieve the tilt-shift 'miniaturisation' effect before being assembled as film clips. Over a period of several months the creators endeavoured to capture a wide range of shots; from the suburbs through the city centre to Cardiff Bay, not just focusing on the landmarks but also the places that form part of peoples' day-to-day life in Cardiff.

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Use this link for now -

. Cathays Training Session 1

Break dancing in the Embassy Centre - uploaded 13 Dec 2012

. Atrium News - Cathays branded 'hotspot' for poor student housing

Inspectors have deemed Cathays as one of the hot spots, with over 300 notices issued between 2010 and last year. It's a student-dominated area, given its close proximity to Cardiff university teaching
blocks and union... - uploaded 12 Feb 2013

. Miskin Street Party

Coverage from a street party that went on at Miskin Street on April 29th 2011 - uploaded on 29 Apr 2011

. Cathays Terrace Cycle Lane

Cycling hazards in the cycle lane on Cathays Terrace as part of an experimental project by Cardiff Students - uploaded on 11 Feb 2011

. Pizzaman - Episode 2 - Cathays

Online Cardiff-based drama series - episode uploaded 9 Jul 2010

. Welsh Folk Flashmob! Flashmob Gwerinol Cymreig!

In front of Cardiff Library in the Hayes - uploaded on 10 Jun 2012

. Cathays Videos [1]

Links to several videos - part of a larger Cathays information website

. Special Report: Cardiff Youth Provision Cuts 2014

Review of the challenge to the viability of Cathays Community Centre under threat of Cardiff Council 2014 budget cuts in youth provision