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Connect Cathays has two main aims –

1. to connect everyone as a community - both residents and visitors - in Cathays as a geographically-defined area, as
   an aim in its own right - tied in with psychological aspects of well-being, 

2. to provide a community informatic facility, that people can use to collaborate if they have to make evidence-based judgements,
   so that any decision-making is transparent and done collectively.


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This wiki has a basic structure - using a combination of categories and properties - and is based on the buildings, streets and areas that make up Cathays, along with the people who've been involved with it. See Wiki Structure.

The number of pages of content and analysis is growing. There are currently 7725 building units, 1511 organisations and 1418 individuals associated with the past, present and future of Cathays.

There are also geographic reference pages for 161 streets/arcades/centres and 468 postcodes.

There are pages referring to the 11 Lower Super Output Areas (LSOA) which are useful as statistical reference points. (There were 9 LSOAs for the 2001 census, but these were increased to 11 after the 2011 Census).

There are currently 57 pages relating to performance metrics, showing how well local services are being delivered and the effect this is having on the 20,000+ people who live here, along with its visitors.

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People have many stories about Cathays. A number of these are already on Wikipedia [1].

Our idea is to use these stories, and the evidence behind them, to help people make decisions - mainly about the best way to meet a set of 8 Outcomes. Seven of these are based on Cardiff - What Matters - the city's community partnership strategy.

Each outcome is further broken down into sets of priorities and associated metrics. Much of the raw data is not yet readily available or not in a form that is easy to understand and work with. The hope is that, over time, people will help build up our knowledge base and, through working together, present a profile of the area. Then, with tools like Results Based Accountability, inform and guide change.

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So - get inside and have some fun!

Please don't just copy and paste Wikipedia content - use hyperlinks or get the confidence to add new content. If you want to change postcodes - check them first against official Royal Mail sites - a number of inline queries depend on postcodes for output!

and for the local historians, a Bibliography of Local History, and there's always Remember Old Cardiff and its Photo Albums. Also has posted online a collection of postcards showing the various parks around Cardiff including Cathays and Bute Parks.

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