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The following list indicates some of the work that could be done to improve the way this wiki looks and feels, and enhance the content it holds.

No. Task Estimated Hours Cost (£)
1 add to the OpenStreetMap layer by tracing building outlines and adding tags such as addr:housenumber, addr:street, building, source. 30 224
2 refine building coordinates and add value to building unit property 'Has coordinates' 30 224
3 refine HMO Licence Holder names and addresses by improving standardisation from FOI spreadsheets to wiki pages 15 112
4 add more details and URLs for Measures and Metrics 20 150
5 add new Measures and Metrics data displays. 20 150
6 using building plan database and records in Glamorgan Archives to determine history of buildings and enter information in wiki pages. 100 750
7 use census returns and trade directories to determine who was associated with particular building and enter on building unit pages and as person pages 100 750
8 search newspaper databases to identify news items and enter into wiki as appropriate. 100 750
9 create a planning application API that can show past, present and future applications. 30 224
10 create an API that links food outlets with food hygiene ratings. 30 224
11 create waste and litter reporting tool 40 300
12 create crime reporting tool 40 300
13 develop discussion, debating and decision making features and action planning method. 50 375
14 review traffic and transport profile 50 375
15 develop improvements to the site architecture and the graphic elements of its appearance. 50 375
16 make better use of Semantic Forms and templates 50 375
17 create lists of stakeholders against each priority 50 375

Total Estimated Hours: 805, Total Costs @ Living Wage : 6033