Recognising a new Eastern Gateway to the Centre

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With so much 'zoning' going on in the minds of those people concerned with the next round of urban planning for the City, it's quite easy to just slip in another. This is a proposal for an Eastern Gateway, determined by the line of the 'TVR' track bed and the four bridges that serve people and their vehicles wishing to travel under it.

Eastern Gateway 4.jpg

The Cardiff Local Development Plan Masterplanning Framework that informs the Cardiff Local Development Plan 2006 - 2026 deals with the area in a number of ways. Overall the whole area lies within the Central Business Area, but only a small part is within the Central Enterprise Zone(CEZ) and Regional Transport Hub (RTH). The CTZ/RTH is covered in Section 3 of the Framework - Site Specific Frameworks - as Strategic Site A on pages 25 to 29.


The Welsh Government has publication (TAN 4)that deals with 'Retailing and Town Centres'. On the basis of this, and the various quantitative assessments it outlines, Queen Street is the only one of the 21 streets that is totaly included in the Central Shopping Area (CSA), although only part of its length is within the boundaries of the Eastern Gateway. The CSA is shown with light blue boundary in the plan below, the red shaded area is the CTZ/RTH and the purple outline is the Central Business Area. The darkk blue ellipse is added as guide to the approximate position of the Eastern Gateway.

Eastern Gateway 2.JPG

Queen Street also has conservation area status, as does Charles Street, Churchill Way, Windsor Place and St Andrews Crescent. An appraisal was carried out in 2009 on each area and decisions taken to continue with their approved designations.

Conservation Areas 2.jpg

Windsor Place and St Andrews Crescent are also included in the Cardiff City Centre Northern Professional Office Area (Planning Brief).

N. Professional Office 1.jpgN. Professional Office 2.jpg

The Council also has general supplimentary planning guidance, such as Shop Fronts & Signage Guide that was published in October 2011.

Shop Fronts and Signage Guide October 2011.pdf

Below is listed the streets that could lie inside the possible 'Eastern Gateway' area and the buildings that they contain.

Street Name InEasternGateway No. Of Building Units No. Of Food & Drink No. Of Offices No. Of Residential
Barrack Lane Part
Bridge Street Part 3 1 2 0
Charles Street All 34 7 0
Churchill Way All 320 10 280
David Street Part 2 1
Dumfries Place All
Guildford Crescent All 7 4
Guildford Street All
Little Frederick Street All
Love Lane All
North Edward Street All
Park Lane All 2
Queen Street Part 119 4 99
St Andrews Crescent All 22
St Andrews Lane All
St Andrews Place All 1
Station Terrace All 3 2
Stuttgarter Strasse All
Wesley Lane All 1 1
Windsor Lane All 1
Windsor Place All 29 7 1
Totals 544 37 2 380